Admissions Process

We encourage all families interested in joining our community to apply through our parent portal available on our website. The admissions process will consist of open houses, meet & plays and family interviews. We are looking forward to meeting every one of you. Our process is not based on first-come-first-serve, but rather an open process, where all children and families who apply are considered for our programs.

Meeting and interacting with the children is an important step in the process. When placements begin, children will be invited for a small group “Meet & Play” at the school. Here, they will interact with teachers and other children in short, 30-minute sessions.

Following the completion of our Meet & Play sessions, we will begin placement in our programs. Factors considered when organizing classes include boy-to-girl ratio, readiness, and best fit.

We have a forever-lasting bond with our families. Our families are the pillars of our success in creating every student’s Sprouts experience extraordinary. We go through a thorough process in ensuring we are a fit for your child. As a result, our admissions process remains open throughout the year until we have placed all spots.

Tuition amounts vary per year, please contact us for more information.

Admissions Applications


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