Summer Camps 2022

Calling all little explorers! Dive into all of the adventurous events of Mindful Minds & Go Wild Nature Camp. Limited spots are available for your little ones to blow off steam with the outdoor time, arts and crafts and showcasing their skills while becoming one with nature this summer.

At this time we only have spots remaining in our Mindful Minds & Go Wild Nature Camp

Camp Details

Mindful Minds July 4th to 8th – This is the camp to help children feel at ease during their time at Sprouts – a foundation for the rest of their summer. In our Mindful Minds camp, children will create engaging, fun, hands-on self-regulation tools. They will make calming jars, lavender pillows, and bath bombs. Children will learn to recognize and name their emotions and then learn playful strategies to regulate the more challenging emotions.

Little Chefs July 11th – 15th (CAMP FULL) – Little Chefs camp is a multi-sensory experience where children will learn about recipes, ingredients, and food preparation. This camp will help children learn and practice basic math concepts and build language skills. Our Little Chefs will have opportunities to make sweet and savoury foods.

Go Wild Nature Camp July 18th to 22nd – In our Go Wild Nature Camp, our campers will spend a majority of their day in the nearby Musqueam Park. This beautiful park will be the backdrop for play and nature-based learning. This is a great opportunity for children to appreciate, understand and learn how to protect natural habitats.

Water World July 25th to 29th (CAMP FULL) – Our campers will immerse their minds and bodies in all things aquatic! Children will beat the heat by getting wet and playing in water. While enjoying the water, we will also learn the importance of water, water sources, and how to conserve.

Little Picassos August 8th to 12th (CAMP FULL) – Our Little Picassos art camp will stimulate the campers’ imaginations. This visual arts camp will give children an opportunity to express themselves through a variety of mediums while also learning about different perspectives and famous artists throughout history. Various art studios will give children opportunities to stretch their problem solving skills, practice patience, and develop self-compassion for their own creative processes.

Little Einstein’s August 15th to 19th (CAMP FULL) – Through experimentation and exploration, our Little Einstein’s camp will support children’s curious minds. In this immersive and unforgettable camp, we will provide unique science, physics, chemistry, and engineering activities. This hands-on camp is perfect for those future space explorers, budding scientists, and inventors.

All About the 2’s August 22nd to 26th (CAMP FULL) – All About the 2’s camp is designed for incoming Little Sprouts and ELL students to introduce them to life at Sprouts. They will learn the layout of the school and what student life will look like. We will use play, music, and story-telling to engage in this important step to building solid relationships at Sprouts.

Each camp will have a pizza party on the last day! Please do not pack a lunch for the Friday.

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