What We Do

What We Do

At Sprouts we use the Early Learning Framework to enhance your child’s development. We are dedicated to providing positive physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being experiences.



and Diversity

Literacy and

Play Based Learning

Recognizing that children differ in their strengths and capabilities Sprouts creates custom played based learning opportunities in these four areas: Well-being and Belonging, Exploration and Creativity, Social Responsibility and Diversity, and Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

Well-being and Belonging

  • feel safe and respected
  • feel a sense of self-respect and self regulation
  • express a sense of personal well-being
  • learn ways to keep themselves healthy
  • adapt to and enjoy experiences of change
  • express a range of emotions, thoughts, & views
  • understand and follow routines
  • build healthy relationships

Exploration and Creativity

  • explore using their bodies and their senses
  • build, create, and design from various mediums
  • express a sense of personal well-being
  • actively explore, think and reason
  • identify and try possible solutions to problems
  • be creative and expressive in a variety of ways
  • develop a sense of wonder
  • express a zest for living and learning

Social Responsibility and Diversity

  • learn about family, community and the world
  • express a positive regard & respect for others
  • understand fairness for self and others
  • learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity
  • understand how their actions affect nature
  • show responsibility for self and others
  • recognize discrimination and act appropriately
  • understand individual differences

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

  • develop capacity to communicate with others
  • encourage curiosity of written and spoken word
  • engage in sound and word play
  • use numbers & measurement in useful context
  • communicate their own points of view
  • reflect on others’ opinions and viewpoints
  • communicate thoughts and experiences
  • use a variety of different forms of expression
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