Junior Sprouts – April 15th

In the Spring, lots of animals are coming out of hibernation from the Winter. One animal that had cubs while hibernating is now coming out to enjoy the warmth and find some food. Can you guess what animal I’m thinking about? It’s a bear! Bears come out of their dens in Spring to find food to feed their hungry young cubs.


Not all bears hibernate. Have a look at the pictures below. Can you point to the bears that hibernate? Can you name the ones that don’t hibernate? Why do some bears hibernate and some don’t? I’ll give you a hint…it depends on where they live.

Did you guess that black bears and brown bears hibernate? You’re right! Polar bears and panda bears don’t hibernate. How many bears can you count in these pictures?


We’re going to do some bear math! Have a look at the pictures below, and count the bears in each box. Read the numbers below the box. Which one matches the number of bears? Print the numbers on a piece of paper.

borrowed from our friends at Miss Stacy 123
borrowed from our friends at Miss Stacy 123

Nice work, some of those numbers were tricky!


Let’s draw a picture of a bear. Follow the instructions below.

borrowed from our friends at Art for Kids Hub

How did yours turn out? Here’s mine. I added some rocks and a stream. My brown bear is looking for a delicious salmon to eat!

What other details can you add to your picture?


Now let’s look at patterns again, like we did last week. Look closely at each row, and decide which picture comes next in the pattern.

borrowed from our friends at Stay At Home Educator LLC


Make sure to keep practicing your soccer skills with coach Kieran!

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