Who has 8 legs?

Good morning friends! We miss seeing you all and hope we can go to the forest next week!


Today we are talking about something we often see in the forest. I wonder if you can guess what it is with 3 clues.

1.It eats bugs.

2.It has 8 legs.

3.It spins a web.

Did you guess? I think you got it. Yes, Spiders!!

Have you observed a spider web closely? If you have, you might’ve noticed that sometimes they look so different. Let’s check out these pictures.

These are different types of spider webs.

Tangled web
Funnel web
Sheet web
Orb web

We can try to find all different kinds of spider webs in the forest next time!!


Here are some more fun facts about spiders for you!


Choose your favorite spider web and draw it on a piece of  paper. You can add a spider on the web, too!!

Can you guess which web I chose?

See the pictures below and draw an orb web and a spider!!


Let’s listen to the story together. This is one of my favorite spider stories.


We’ve learnt so much about spiders today. What do you think about them?

Are you scared of spiders? Do you like them?

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