Junior Sprouts – March 31st


Mrs. Erin has a special story for Darren’s Birthday!

Mrs. Erin also has a special song to sing!


Lots of interesting things happen in Spring. One of my favourite things is we can see more butterflies! I especially like the many different colours of their wings.  Have a look at the pictures here. What do you notice is different about each butterfly? How many colours can you spot? I found 9 colours in the butterfly wings. Can you find more or less? Print the number that you can see.


Butterflies do not look like butterflies for their whole life. First, they hatch from an egg as a caterpillar, the caterpillar grows and grows, and one day forms a chrysalis around itself, where it rests for a long time. Once it’s rest is over, the caterpillar comes out of the chrysalis as a butterfly.

Here’s a video to watch that shows this amazing transformation.


Think back to the caterpillar in the video. Can you find any items in your house that look like a caterpillar? Here’s what I found at my house. Ask someone in your family to take a picture of what you found and share it with us.

I made 4 caterpillars, using 22 items I found at my house. Can you print the number of caterpillars you made? Then print how many objects you used. You can follow the directions below to help you print the numbers.

Borrowed from our friends at twinkl.ca


If you want to try flying around like a butterfly, you and an adult can make butterfly wings at home with few simple items.  Have a look at the website below for instructions.


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    1. Erin Agerskov

      You’re welcome Darren. It’s my pleasure. I hope you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!xoxo Mrs. Erin

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