Welcome Junior Sprouts

Hi everyone. We have missed you and are excited to learn all about Spring together! We have been reading books and learning about new things to do. Bentley and I went for a walk yesterday and we saw lots of flowers and umbrellas too! It was a rainy day. Bentley didn’t really want to walk in the rain but he had fun once he went outside. I saw the reflection of a tree in a puddle.


I am thinking of a special word today that starts with the letter W. It changes in the Spring and this word can help you decide what to wear outside. Can you think of some words that start with W? I can think of worms, wings, wind, water and……. WEATHER. You guessed it, the special word today is Weather!

Here is a video about weather you can watch!

Be a Weather Watcher | Science for Kids – YouTube


Can you make weather sounds? Try tapping your fingers on something hard to make rain, and stomping your feet to make thunder. Can you make the sound “w” sound like wind?

Now, let’s go outside (don’t forget to take an adult) or look outside your window. What is the weather like today? Does it look like any of these pictures?

What kind of weather can you see in the pictures? Why do you think it looks like spring? Draw a picture of your favourite kind of weather.


The word weather starts with the letter W. Let’s practice printing a W.

Try to print the letter W as many times as you can on a piece of paper. Circle your best W. Maybe your family can send us a picture of your favourite kind of weather or your best W, or both! We would love to see what you are doing.


Be a meteorologist – In Winter the weather is cold and sometimes it snows. The weather changes in the Spring and every day can be different. It can be warm or cold, sunny or windy and it usually rains A LOT! Pretend to be a meteorologist (someone who watches the weather) and give your family the weather forecast every morning.

Cloud watch – Go outside and find a comfy spot to relax and look up at the sky. Look at all the clouds and try to figure out if they are moving. What direction are they moving? Do any of the clouds look like an animal or a shape?

Catch the rain – On a rainy day put a container outside. See how much rain you can catch in one day. How can you measure the rain?

How much rain can you catch?
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