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Posts by Ruth Santosham

Let’s explore dogs!!

Good morning explorers! We miss being with you in the forest! Remember how we played camping last class and built a campfire? Well, fire makes smoke and smoke isn’t healthy for our bodies.  I’m so thankful for all the firefighters and people who are helping put out the fires and protect us.  Let’s say a…

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Welcome Nature School!

Hi, everyone! We miss you all so much. We hope everyone is doing well. After having cold rainy days (do you remember how much rain we had in the forest?) Spring is finally here. Do you notice birds singing and chirping everywhere? Engage I wonder if we could fly like birds!! Should we try? Here…

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Welcome Junior Sprouts

Hi everyone. We have missed you and are excited to learn all about Spring together! We have been reading books and learning about new things to do. Bentley and I went for a walk yesterday and we saw lots of flowers and umbrellas too! It was a rainy day. Bentley didn’t really want to walk…

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Welcome Little Sprouts!

Welcome to our Little Sprouts blog! We sure miss you all and we hope everyone is doing well! We have been wondering what you like about Spring and are excited to learn all about the changes that are happening around us. Engage We found new flowers growing in the garden beside our door at Sprouts.…

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