Welcome Little Sprouts!

Welcome to our Little Sprouts blog! We sure miss you all and we hope everyone is doing well! We have been wondering what you like about Spring and are excited to learn all about the changes that are happening around us.


We found new flowers growing in the garden beside our door at Sprouts. These flowers only grow in the spring, when the weather gets warmer and there is lots of rain! Can you see a flower named a yellow daffodil and a different flower named a purple crocus? You might find these flowers at your house too!

We want to learn a new song with you about spring. Click on the link below to sing along.



How do we know spring is here? Spring looks, feels and smells different than winter. Here are some pictures of things we can see when we go outside. Can you decide which pictures look like spring and which pictures look like winter?

Pick your favourite picture of spring and describe what you see. Why do you think it looks like spring? If you can, walk to a window and look outside or go for a walk with your family. Do you see something that looks like spring? Maybe you can smell something or touch something that feels like spring?


Ms. Erin can see blossoms on the tree in her yard. Blossoms are tiny little flowers that grow in the spring and usually become a fruit like cherries or apples.  Ms. Erin drew a picture of the tree in her yard and made blossoms using small pieces of pink paper that she squished and then glued onto the tree. She took pictures to show you. Thank you Ms. Erin!

Can you draw a tree with blossoms? Start with a brown line for the trunk. Add some more lines for the branches and then add your own blossoms. You can make blossoms in many different ways, with pink crayons or little pieces of pink paper. We can’t wait to see it! Maybe your family can take a picture of your tree and send it to us.


Dramatic Play – Make your own garden or flower shop. You can make a planting station using sand or rice in a bin with containers, shovels or spoons. If you are outside you can use real dirt! We like to make signs to show what we have in our store and and we paint or draw flowers to hang on the walls. You might be able to make a place for people to pay with a cash register.

This looks like fun!

You can also read books about Spring! Here are some of our favourites!

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