Welcome Kinder Sprouts!

Good morning friends! I hope you are all enjoying this time with your family. This week we are putting on our learning hats and listening ears because we have a new adventure to explore. We are moving into our Spring Theme and we’ve got a lot of fun activities to get started on! Please ask your parents to print off the “Spring Planting Printable Package” that is linked below. We will be completing one page a day. I can’t wait to see what you create- let’s get started!


Our spring word of the day is bloom. Can you guess what the word bloom means?

Check out this video to learn more about the science of Spring!


Go for a walk in your neighbourhood or look outside your window and try to find three different flowers. Ms. Julia has also included photos of the garden in her neighbourhood that you can use for your drawing inspiration! Are the flowers beginning to bloom or have they already bloomed? You will use these flowers for your next activity.


Draw a picture of the three flowers you found on your walk. Write 5 words to describe them. Check out the drawing Ms. Julia created from the flowers that she saw! (**Parents- Please keep pictures in a safe spot as we will be compiling all of the drawings together at the end)


Create your own indoor garden using materials found in your house. Below is a photo of a play garden to give you some ideas- send us a picture of what your garden looks like!

Complete the page “How to Grow a Flower” from the Spring Planting Printable Package and send us a picture of your answers!

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