Let’s explore dogs!!

Good morning explorers!

We miss being with you in the forest! Remember how we played camping last class and built a campfire? Well, fire makes smoke and smoke isn’t healthy for our bodies.  I’m so thankful for all the firefighters and people who are helping put out the fires and protect us.  Let’s say a big THANK YOU together for the people helping.


Today we are talking about a special animal… one of my favourite animals in the whole world!  Do you think you can guess what it is?  I’ll give you 3 clues.

  1.  It has 4 legs
  2. It has fur and barks
  3. Many of us have them as pets.

Dogs! Did you guess it? Here are some dogs.  Look closely at their ears.  Are they all the same? NO!!!!!!!!!!


Do you know that dogs that have long and floppy ears are the best at smelling?  Dogs that have ears that stick up are better at hearing!

Look at those dog pictures again. .  What dog has the best dog nose for smelling? This one! It is called a Basset Hound.  In the forest we also use our dog nose to explore! 

 What would you smell in the forest?


Now would you like to make your own dog? You can ask adults to help using a pair of scissors or you can draw it on a paper!

Does your dog have long and floppy ears or stick up ears?


Let’s sing a song together!!

and listen to the story about dogs!!

Do you have a dog? Or a stuffed dog? What kind of ears does it have?

What kind of ears would you like to have if you were a dog?

Are you good at smelling or hearing?

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