Welcome Nature School!

Hi, everyone! We miss you all so much. We hope everyone is doing well. After having cold rainy days (do you remember how much rain we had in the forest?) Spring is finally here. Do you notice birds singing and chirping everywhere?


I wonder if we could fly like birds!! Should we try? Here we go!! Click on the link below to sing along with us.


Do you know where birds build nests? Some birds, like ducks and geese build nests on the ground. Some birds, like eagles and robins build nests in trees. Here are some nests for you to look at. What kind of materials do you think the birds use to make their nests? I wonder if it is hard to make a nest in the water?

Today, let’s make our own birds nests. These are the supplies you will need.

Cut the paper plate in half, like this…

Use markers or crayons to colour a piece of paper with your favourite colours.

Cut the paper or tear it into small pieces like sticks and leaves.

Glue the pieces of paper to the outside of the paper plates.

You can add different materials to your nest. Try using feathers, yarn, tissue paper or real sticks and leaves. I decided to add some feathers for fun!

Ask an adult to help you staple the plates together. I drew some birds to add to my nest. You could add little stuffies or make your own birds too.


Do you like my nest? I used a lot of colours. It looks like a rainbow doesn’t it? I would love to see your nest too. Maybe your family can take a picture of your nest and share it with us. What kind of bird lives in your nest? Is it big or small? Do they live on the ground, in water or in the air? Find a special place for your nest. I put my nest on a shelf so my cats can’t catch the birds!!


Here is a really interesting video about what nests are made of.

Idea – Lend a helping hand to the birds in your area by supplying them with simple nesting materials. All you need to do is fill a mesh bag (like the kind onions are packaged in) or a berry basket. Fill it with dried grass, yarn or string, stuffing from an old pillow, dryer lint, hair from your brush. Hang the bag in a location that the birds can find, like in a tree.

Listen – Go for a bird walk and listen for birds. How many different bird songs did you hear? If you can’t go outside, ask an adult to download some bird songs for you to listen to.

Think – These are some trees near Sprouts. If you were a bird which tree would you build your nest in? Where?

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