Little Sprouts – Tuesday March 31st

Hi Everyone! We hope that you have had a wonderful Spring Break and that everyone is healthy and enjoying the beginning of Spring! We hope you enjoyed your first circle time with Ms. Lisa!


We are going to learn about the amazing life cycle of a butterfly!  Did you know that a butterfly lays eggs that turn into caterpillars (the babies are called larvae) then they make a cocoon or a chrysalis (they are called a pupa at this stage) and then they turn into a butterfly!  Isn’t that amazing! That is the life cycle of a butterfly.


Literacy activity- C, c caterpillars, what is the beginning sound of a caterpillar? B, b butterfly, what is the beginning sound of a butterfly? Show the action for the sound.

Make a caterpillar- make as many circles as there are letters in your name. Inside the circles, write your name, one letter for each circle. Colour and decorate however you like.

         Butterfly life cycle video- Metamorphosis- Egg, Larva, Pupa, Butterfly


Send us a picture of your caterpillar name, or a picture of you.

I went on a caterpillar or butterfly hunt, I couldn’t find a butterfly, but I found this bumblebee sucking nectar from my purple hyacinths.


Mrs. Erin reading A Life of a Butterfly by Robin Bernard

Sing the song -See the sleeping caterpillars until it’s nearly noon (wrap up in a blanket or a scarf)

Come let us wake them with a merry tune, they’re so still, are they ill?

Wake up little butterfly, fly, fly, fly. Wake up little butterfly, fly, fly, fly (turn the blanket or scarf into butterfly wings)

Enjoy! And we miss you!

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