SK March 31st Adventure

Hi Friends! Thanks for coming along on the adventure with us yesterday- we loved seeing what each of you created. Today is Tuesday, March 30th, 2020! Our new spring word of the day is botanist. Can you guess what a botanist might be? Write down your answer, draw a picture, and send it to us! Now let’s get started.


Check out this video to learn more about the parts of a flower!


If you can, grab a parent, go outside and collect one flower. Ms.Julia included the parts from the flower she found for you to use if you cannot go outside. Using a piece of paper create a flower with the pieces that you have collected! Take a peak at what mine looks like below. (**Please do not glue your pieces together as you will need to pull them apart for the next activity).


Ask your mom or dad to take a picture of you with your creation and send it to us!


Ms. Julia rearranged her pieces and made a new picture! Is there anything else you can make with your pieces? She made her old flower into a giraffe! Show us what you can make and write 5 words to describe your creation!

Ms.Julia has labelled her flower to help you learn how to label your own flower! Please complete the page Label the Parts of a Flower from the Spring Planting Printable Package.

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