Little Sprouts – Wednesday April 1st

Hi Everyone! We hope that you are doing well! Welcome to the month of April!


Spiders are so interesting!

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Meet the spiders Sophie and Nancy and find out what is different between them. (Hint- it is where they live)


Math activity- How many legs does a spider have? 8. Write that number. It’s my favourite number! Gather some materials to make a spider. Remember to count 8 legs (maybe markers) something to make a body. (maybe a bar of soap).

Check out my spider. Can you believe that a spider can have up to 8 eyes, but they still don’t have the best sight?

You can also make a spider out of materials that you can find outside.

We know that you like Pete the Cat books, here is one about a spider.

Spider book- Pete the Cat and the Itsy Bitsy Spider by James Dean


Check out my spider, his name is Wilbur.

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Can you find a spider? Look in some bushes or under a log, sometimes they are just right outside your door. Send us a picture of your counting spider with your number 8 beside it.

Thank you for sending in your photos to share! It’s so wonderful to see the kids and their wonderful creations!


How many legs does a spider have? Write that number. Beside the number, write l, e, g, s.  What does that spell? Sound out the letters, and ‘bump’ them together.

Write more words that you can think of that relates to a spider- head, eyes, abdomen, eggs, sac, web…

Tell a story about your spider.

Sing the itsy bitsy spider with a family member. Can you sing it fast? Slow?

Enjoy and we miss you!

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