SK April 23rd Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Thursday! Today on our bug hunt we’re going to learn about ants! Our spring word of the day is colony. But not just any colony… An ant colony! Can you guess what an ant colony is? An ant colony is the way ants live, and why! Ants have rules, just like we do! A single ant colony has over a thousand ants in it.. wow! That is a lot of ants! We’ve learned to count to 100… Let’s start our journey there!



Pick one of the numbers you heard in the song and write it down. Now, pick another number that you heard in the song and write it down. Add the two numbers together. What is your answer? (I chose 7 first and then I chose 3. 7+3=10!). 

Now let’s pick two new numbers from the song! Write them both down. Instead of adding them together we are going to subtract the smaller number from the bigger number. (I chose 6 first and then I chose 2. 6-2=4!) **The kids can draw or use their fingers to help. 


Let’s show our mom or dad how well we know our addition! Complete the Ant Addition pages linked below!


For this game each player with need a “game piece”. Instead of using dice, the answer to the equation will be the number that you move! Have fun!

Ready to practice your subtraction skills now? Click the link below! **You will need scissors and glue for this activity.

Click the link below to practice your skip counting!


Join Coach Kieran on his soccer adventure today! (Video #2).

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