SK April 9th Adventure

Happy Thursday friends! Did you know that this weekend is Easter Weekend? I wonder if any of us will be eating chocolate! Ms. Andrea and Ms. Julia love chocolate!! Today is our last day visiting the Sprouts farm and we are going to look at some baby chickens!! A baby chicken is called a chick!


Check out this video to learn more about chickens!


Unlike kids, foals, and bunnies- chicks hatch from eggs! What shape is an egg? If you guessed oval.. you’re correct! Find something that is in your house that is the shape of an oval, and find one object in your house that is the shape of a circle. What makes them the same? Neither of them have corners! What makes them different? A circle is completely round, however, an oval is not!


We are going to make our very own eggs! Ours will be much more colourful than your average egg- so make sure to roll up your sleeves! You will need paint, a paper plate (or something to put your paint on) a piece of paper, pom pom balls and some clothes pins. (The kiddos can also use their thumb or a q-tip as a painting tool, however, it will be a bit messier!).

Activity #2- You will need 2-3 pieces of paper, some markers and a pair of scissors. Using paper you will draw, colour and cut out 10 ovals. Do you remember what an oval looks like? Look below if you need a reminder! Once you have coloured and cut out your ovals, ask your mom or dad to hide them around your living room for you to find! Did you find all 10? Good job!


Print out this package to complete the Easter Word Search and Easter Jumbled Words!


We’ve got Coach Kieran again helping us work on those soccer skills! Make sure to turn on your listening ears- thanks Coach Kieran! (Camping Adventure).

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