SK May 1st Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Friday! This week we’ve reviewed almost all of the things that we have learned over our spring theme- way to go! Today we will be making art projects, reviewing our vocabulary words and making sentences! Let’s get started!



Over our spring theme we have talked a lot about the changes that we see during spring! Can you think of one thing that has changed during spring? (baby animals being born, flowers blooming, insects appearing). If you can, go for a walk around your neighbourhood with an adult. Try to find 3 things that have changed in your neighbourhood during the spring. Draw a picture of one thing you observed and use words or a sentence to describe it.


Grab a cardboard box, empty kleenex box, container, or any other household item that you may think would be a good house for a bug! We are going to make our very own bug hotel!

First, pick the kind of bug you would like to stay at your hotel. Different bugs like to stay in different habitats. For example, a worm would probably like to stay in a hotel made of dirt! A ladybug would enjoy a lot of grass and leaves to munch on!

Once you have chosen your insect, grab your container (and a parent!) and walk around your neighbourhood or backyard to look for supplies!

Add the items you found into your container and voila! You have made your very own bug hotel. If you can, leave your bug hotel on your front step, balcony, or windowsill and check back to see what kinds of visitors your hotel is getting!


Cook – Try making ants on a log for your snack today. You will need a piece of celery, a nut butter (like peanut butter or you can use cream cheese), and raisins. Put the nut butter or cream cheese on your celery to make it like a log and then take your raisins and place them on the log like ants. Yum!

Here is a math activity you can do at home. The printable file is below


Join Coach Kieran and the gang as we go on a minion adventure (Video #5).

Click the link below to review and practice the sentences we have been learning!

Click the link below to review the vocabulary words we have learned throughout our Spring theme!

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