Junior Sprouts – April 16th

We have a new letter this week! It’s ‘v’, like at the beginning of violin, video and vacuum. 


Here’s a silly song about the letter ‘v’. After you watch, tell someone in your family 3 words that begin with the ‘v’ sound.


Have a look at the pictures below, say the name of each one. What sound do you hear at the beginning of each word?

Now lets practice printing the letter ‘v’. Watch the short video below to see how to print a ‘v’.

Now it’s your turn to practice! Print 8 ‘v’s on a piece of paper. Circle your best one!


Now let’s see what we can turn our ‘v’s into!

I flipped mine upside down and made them into sailboats! Can you still see the shape of the ‘v’?

Take a picture of what you made and ask an adult to send it to me so I can see your ideas, too! cderksen@sproutsacademy.ca


Have a close look at the pictures below. How many begin with the ‘v’ sound? Point to each one, say it’s name.

borrowed from our friends at Stay At Home Educator LLC

Can you think of any other words that begin with ‘v’? Can you draw a picture of the words you think of?


Here’ another new soccer adventure with our friends at Happy Feet!

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