Junior Sprouts – April 21st

Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed circle time with Ms. Lisa this morning. She told me that you made some caterpillars and printed some tricky numbers on them!


Here’s a song I found about counting butterflies (remember butterflies are what caterpillars transform into when they come out of their chrysalis).

This song will help you count forwards to 20, and backwards down to 1!


Now that you’re all warmed up thinking about numbers, let’s do some butterfly adding!

Look at the pictures below, count how many butterflies are in each box. You’ll need to add the numbers on each side of the + to get the total number. Choose the correct number, and print it on a piece of paper.

borrowed from our friends at Life Over C’s

Here’s some more butterfly addition if you want to keep practicing!

borrowed from our friends at Life Over C’s

Great work! That was some great adding!


I decided to look around my house and see what I could make a butterfly out of. I found some small rocks, so I tried those. Here it is:

I used 41 rocks to make my butterfly! What can you find at your house to make a butterfly? Send me a picture of what you make!


Let’s play a butterfly I Spy game! Look at all these beautiful butterflies! How many of each kind can you spot in the picture? Look at the numbers below for the answer.


Miss Lisa told me that you read Chicka Chicka 123 today! I found this fun game to play with numbers and a tree. Just roll a dice, and draw the part of the tree next to the number that you rolled. I wonder how many trees, and how many apples you’ll have!

borrowed from our friends at makinglearningfun.com

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