SK April 21st Adventure

Good morning friends! Last week we started on our bug hunt and we learned about bees, caterpillars and butterflies! Today is Tuesday and it feels like a really good day to learn about spiders! The word spider has something interesting about it’s name.. Let’s find out what it is!



I have a challenge for you. I would like you to think of as many words as you can that have the long ‘i’ sound in it. You can ask your family for help too! Write down as many words as you can, count them and see if you thought of more words than me. I thought of 20! If you think of one word that has the long ‘i’ sound, you may think of lots more that rhyme. I thought of the word ‘spy’ and then ‘cry, my, why….’

In circle today you learned that “igh” also makes the long “i” sound! The next time you read a book look for a word that has the “igh” sound in it!


Click the link below to practice your long “i” vowels. Make sure to show your mom or dad when you’re finished!


Would you like to learn about the life cycle of a spider? Click the link below!

Print off the Finger Print Counting sheet. There are two versions- one for numbers 1-9 and another that is blank so you can put your own numbers in! **Parents I suggest that you write in the numbers for your kiddos. Simply dip your finger into paint or onto an ink pad and add the correct number of “spiders” to each of the spiders webs. Enjoy!

Print off the Silly Spiders Game to draw your own silly spiders! For this you will need a piece of paper, a marker, and some dice! Have fun!


Now it’s time to get up and get those feet of yours moving with Coach Kacy! (Pirate Adventure #4 Video)

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