Junior Sprouts – April 28th


Ms. Lisa read you a story about frogs today. I found this song about baby frogs (called tadpoles). Have a listen:


That was a fun song! Let’s do some frog math together.

We’ll start with some counting! Count the number of frogs in each box, and print the correct number on a piece of paper!

Nice work!

Next, we’re going to look at some missing numbers. Look closely at the rows of lily pads, which number comes before and after the one that’s already printed? Share your answers with someone in your family.


Let’s learn how to draw a frog! Follow the directions below. Show me how yours turned out! Here’s mine. What other details can you add to your picture?

That was a tricky drawing! How did yours turn out? Here’s mine. My frog is on a lily pad, thinking about catching a fly for breakfast!

What other details can you add to your frog picture? I’d love to see what you drew!


Do you have any green paper at home? Put some on the floor and pretend to be a frog hopping from one lily pad to the next! How many hops can you make in a row?


I really miss reading stories in the classroom, so I made this video of me reading one of my favourite books for you!

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