Junior Sprouts – April 8th

Happy Wednesday Friends! Let’s do a quick review of our sound this week…can you remember what it is? It’s at the beginning of yak, and yo-yo…it’s ‘y’!

Have a look at the pictures below. Say the name of each one. Which ones begin with ‘y’? I can see 7 that start with ‘y’.

If you are not sure what a picture is, ask an adult.

Borrowed from our friends at Stay At Home Educator LLC


Nice work! Now we’re going to talk about a very special insect. I’ll give you 3 hints:

  • It’s yellow and black
  • It lives in a hive
  • It makes honey

Did you guess a bee? You’re right, it’s a bee!

Watch this video to learn a new song about bees!


Bees become more active in spring, as they come out of their hives to gather pollen and nectar from the flowers in our gardens, and from the blossoms on trees. Bees live together in large colonies that have many worker bees and one queen.

Have a look at the pictures below. What do you see? Have an adult help you read the name of each picture. What sound do you hear at the beginning of each word?


Let’s draw a bee together! Follow the instructions below. When you’re done, have an adult send me a picture so I can share it here! cderksen@sproutsacademy.ca

Thanks so much Willa for sending in your bee picture! Great work.


Here’s a video that tells you some interesting facts about our friends, bees!

After you watch the video, go for a walk outside with an adult. Look for some bees! Look inside flowers. How many can you see? If you listen closely, can you hear them buzzing?

While you are looking for bees, see if you can find the other bugs on this list:

Borrowed from our friends at teachingmama.org


Mrs. Erin is at her cabin right now, outside of Vancouver. It’s at a ski hill, and there’s still snow on the ground! Have a look at this video of her and her two sons making a snowman yesterday! Do you have enough snow in your yard to make a snowman?

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