Little Sprouts Thursday April 30th

Hi Everyone. We hope that you have a wonderful weekend! We sure do miss you!


Here is the Frog Life Cycle-

Frogs are amphibians. That means that they have two lives. They live in water and on land.  Isn’t it amazing that they start as eggs, then become swimming tadpoles, then hopping frogs?


Can you name the stages of the frog life cycle?

Eggs, tadpole, tadpole with legs, froglet, frog.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Blogs:pictures:froglifecycle.png


I hope that you enjoy this tracing frog activity from Ms. Emma!

Thank you for sharing Ms. Emma!

Can you make a Frog life cycle snack?


Ms. Emma reading the book: An Extraordinary Egg by Lio Lionni

Would you like to make a xylophone water experiment? All you need is some glasses or jars, food colouring, water, a measuring cup and a xylophone striker if you have one, or use a spoon or a stick.

Kids Kitchen Water Xylophone Science Experiment (with Video)

Have you ever wondered, why are frogs slimy? Watch this Pet Squad video to find out.


Join Coach Kieran on his Minion adventure with Happy Feet Soccer

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