Little Sprouts Thursday April 9th

Hi Everyone!

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend!  We hope that you are doing well and staying positive! The rumour is- chocolate is essential! Happy Easter!


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Photo by Victor Larracuente on Unsplash
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Photo by Julie Marsh on Unsplash

Springtime book: When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes


Rabbits are so cute!  Springtime is bunny season. Baby bunnies are born in the Spring.  Let’s learn more.


Finger paint fun!

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This is an idea for an art craft. If you don’t have paint, you could trace with markers. Or you could make bunnies in the bath with shaving cream.

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Axel’s Easter Art


Here are some science experiments for you to try.  There are some different ones on this same video, so see which one you would like to try first. They use simple materials that you probable have at home. Vinegar and baking- soda eruptions, float and sink activity, homemade lava lamps, oobleck- is it a solid or liquid?, bubbles- rainbow bubbles, floating stick figures.

Cool Science Experiments

This is the bunny hop song that we use at circle time.  Time to get up and hop. Get your whole family to join. Remember to turn both ways when you are turning around. Who can hop the fastest?

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