SK April 8th Adventure

Happy Wednesday friends! So far we’ve learned about goats and their kids, as well as ponies with their foals! Today on our Sprouts farm we are going to talk about rabbits, or as most of you call them- bunnies!


If you can, grab a parent, go outside and go searching for bunnies! Did you find any? Where do bunnies live? What do you think bunnies eat? Write your answers down! Now, stand on one side of the room and put your back to the wall. Hop like a bunny to the other side of the room while counting out each time you hop. How many hops did it take you to reach the other side of the room? Find another room and repeat this activity. Did it take you more hops or less hops to reach the other side of the room? Hopping is how bunnies get around!


Can you make your snack look like a bunny? Try it out! You will need something for the eyes, nose, ears, and whiskers! Here is some inspiration to get you started.

Picture borrowed from our friends over at


Bunnies have tracks that look like this:

What do YOUR tracks look like? Draw or paint a picture of what you think your human tracks look like!


Today we are practicing our soccer skills with Coach Dylan! Head over to the Happy Feet channel to meet him! (** Parents- click the top right where it says 1/5 and select “Outer Space Adventure”).

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