Nature school – April 14th

Once upon a time there was a teacher named Mrs Melanie, two girls named Leah and Carmen, and a dog named Copper. They loved to go walking in forests, explore under logs, and play in the sand by the river. One day, they decided to go to Musqueam Forest for an adventure.


They began their adventure with a story about a rabbit who takes a journey through the deep dark wood. It is called The Black Rabbit.

Were you scared? I’m happy everything turned out ok and white rabbit made a new friend.

After their story, the three girls and one dog headed off to the meadow to see if the swing was fixed, but were soon distracted by two interesting sounds. Click here to find out what Mrs.Melanie, Leah and Carmen heard.

Did you see? Did you hear? Pileated Woodpecker and Barred Owl were talking to us.

So off Mrs. Melanie, Leah, Carmen and Copper went. We sang “Going On an Owl Hunt, Going to Find a Barred Owl, We Are so Excited!” To get there we had to walk past the stream with all the foamy bubbles. Do you remember throwing rocks or pinecones in to see if it was ice or foam?

We headed into the forest and kept looking with our eagle eyes and listening with our deer ears for Barred Owl. Then, we came upon a CLUE. Can you see it?

A feather! Does it look like it matches the Barred Owl picture or the Pileated Woodpecker I just showed you? YES! The owl, we knew we were close.

We saw something moving down the trail and it was…… our friend. She waved us over and pointed up a tree. Then, we saw her.

Do you see her? I think she is beautiful. Our friend said the owlets have not hatched yet. I hope soon!

After watched Barred Owl for a bit we headed back to our van to go home. Except, a four legged dog named Copper got into some mischief! Silly Copper!


How is your research project going? Have you chosen a bird yet? If you haven’t, choose one right now. If you feel you can’t decide, go for a walk today and listen for birds with your deer ears and look for birds with your eagle eyes. Choose one that you saw on your walk. Or, sit in
your backyard or front steps. Chances are you might see a robin or a chickadee.


Can you find objects around your house to create your own collage bird? Think about what parts of your bird you will need to find….wings, beak, legs, body. Could you use leaves for the wings? What could you find for legs or a body? I am thinking I might find some little rocks to use for eyes. I will send you a picture of my bird. I am going to take walk and see what I can find…Here are some ideas.


Collect – Can you find a collection of objects from your house, yard or in the forest that go together? You may be able to find a collection of sticks, or shells, rocks, or leaves. Sometimes collections can be made of objects that don’t seem like they go together… what collection of materials would you find in a nest?

Once you have a collection think of different ways you can display it. Maybe on a shelf, or in a special box. You can also put a collection in a garden or even in an egg carton.

I hope you enjoyed our adventure in the forest:) I have to go give Copper a bath now!!

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