Nature School – Friday, April 10th

Hello my friends, I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. I have been out walking with baby Charlie and my dog Mowgli and we have come across some interesting signs of spring. We have seen many beautiful blossoms, new flowers blooming, lots of insects as well as a few song birds.


Today at the park, we heard owls hooting and we even saw owlets high up in the trees. I had to tell Mowgli to stay away from the tree so that she didn’t scare them. We decided to leave the owls alone and we walked to another part of the park where we made this little video.


Did you recognize the forest we went to? It’s my favourite place to take Mowgli so that she can run around. While we were enjoying the quiet park and the warm sunshine, we discovered something very interesting. We found a very special note that led us on a bit of a treasure hunt. Watch this next video to see what I’m talking about.


I would like you to go and talk to somebody in your home about critters that hatch from eggs. Together, can you come up with 5 different critters that lay eggs? On a piece of paper, write or draw all 5 of the critters and post to share it on here for all of your friends to see. I wonder how many different critters there are in the whole world that lay eggs, what’s your guess? Maybe you can write that number down on your piece of paper too.

Here are my 5 critters!


What kind of eggs do you think Charlie, Mowgli and I found in the forest? I would really like to know what animals lay eggs and so I looked for a book that could teach me a bit about this. I’d like to share this book with you. It’s about a chicken who goes in search of eggs all over the world. Click on the video link and we can discover what critters lay eggs.

Now that we know of even more animals that lay eggs, watch this video of Ms Emma putting the eggs in water and try and guess which egg will hatch which critter. I’m so excited to see what hatches, I can hardly wait!

Now we are trying different techniques to make the eggs hatch faster…..come on eggs!!!!! Hatch please HATCH!

Well, now we wait. I hope you can check in on this page over the next few days because I will post a new photo of the critters once they have all hatched. Have a great long weekend!!
bye for now.

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