Nature school – April 21st


What makes a nest the best? Find out by listening to Mrs. Melanie read the story “The Best Nest”.


Mrs. Melanie’s daughter, Leah, is very interested in flamingos right now. We discovered that flamingos make a mound nest in or near the water. They use mud to make a big pile or mound and the egg goes on top.
See the 3 piles of mud on the right? Those are flamingo mound nests!

Mrs. Melanie and Leah made mound nests on the beach out of sand. Do you see the egg? If you go to the beach, how could you make mound nests?

We also made a mud mound nest at the forest. We visited it 2 weeks later and it was still there! Our rock egg had not hatched yet. Here is a video of our mound nest.

Here is a question to answer in your research project. What is one cool fact about your bird?

We learned that flamingos sleep standing on one leg.

AND… they eat with their head upside down! See?
Ok, maybe I learned 2 cool facts. Now, it’s your turn.
This week your research project task is to investigate these questions.

1. What type of nest does your bird use?

2. Where would you find that nest?

3. What is a cool fact about your bird?


Next, document and share your findings. This means recording what you investigated and discovered so you can remember your project. Plus, you can also share it with others so they can learn as well.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking. Pick two things from this list, complete them, and share with your family. Teach them about your bird.

  • Draw a picture of your bird or nest.
  • Write a song or story about your bird.
  • Pretend to be your bird and make a costume.
  • Build your bird from LEGO or paper.
  • Make a web diagram of what you have learned.

It is called a web diagram because it looks like a spider’s web.

You can use this web diagram. You can add words or pictures in each circle.


Pretend to be your bird and maybe take some photos.

Can you make your bird’s nest? What supplies does your bird use? Where do they build it? You could use play dough, sticks, fabric… use your imagination….

Is it a cup nest like a robin?

Is it a scrape nest of rocks like a Gentoo penguin?

Is it a burrow nest like a Burrowing Owl? Is it a platform nest like an osprey?

Game: How many eggs do you see?
We played this game together with Mrs. Melanie and her LEGO bird nest. Watch the video to learn the song.

How many eggs in the nest do you see?
One or two or maybe three
How many eggs do you think there will be?
How many do you see?
Put some pretend eggs in your nest and tell your family to count! What looks like an egg in your house?

If you want to learn more about flamingos, look here.

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