Nature school – April 23rd


Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well. We have been learning about birds the last few weeks and now we know so many things about birds. 

So today we are going to design our very own bird!! How does it sound? I’m really excited!! I will show you how to design your bird step by step. 


To design your own bird, you need to decide 1.where does your bird live, 2. what does your bird eat 3. what does your bird like to do.  Let’s start!

  1. Where does your bird live? 

Do you remember where birds live?

Birds live in diverse habitats: deserts, mountains, forests, tundras, near the body of water etc.

You can choose your favorite habitat for your bird.

My bird lives in a beautiful forest in Canada!!

  1. What does your bird eat?

We have talked about their beaks before. What do they use their beaks for? Birds use their beaks to catch and eat food. Birds have different shapes of beaks depending on what they eat.

There are four types of beaks. You can decide what your bird eats first then look at the picture below.  You will know which beaks are best for your bird. 

My bird eats insects. He is really good at catching them because he has a nice, straight beak!

  1. What does your bird like to do?

Different birds have different types of feet. It is based off of what it likes to do. For example, some birds are good at swimming like a duck, some birds are good at climbing like a woodpecker.

Let’s watch this video to learn more about bird foot types.

What does your bird like to do?

Look at the picture below and choose a foot type for your bird.

I chose “climbing foot” for my bird. Because he likes climbing on a tree like a woodpecker!!


Here is my bird!! I named this special  species “Canadian tree climber” !!

Look, how colourful his feathers are!

Now it is your turn!

Draw your own bird and what it eats.

Tell me what is your bird’s favorite thing to do!! Don’t forget to give him a special name:)

I can’t wait to see your very own bird!!


Have a look at the picture below. There is a pattern for their feathers. Can you predict what colour comes next in each bird feather pattern?

Also you can practice how to draw a really cool bird feather!!

Check the link below.

At last, I have a funny story for you!

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