SK April 22nd Adventure

Hello friends! Today is Wednesday and our word of the day is spinneret. Do you know what a spinneret is? It is the part of the body where spiders make silk! Spiders use silk to spin their webs! Yesterday we talked about spiders and their long “i” sound! Scroll down to join us on today’s adventure!


Igh makes the long i sound, too! Like “flight”! Can you think of 3 other words that rhyme with flight? (sight, light, tight). Do they have the long i sound? They do! Write a sentence with one of the words below and draw a picture that matches what you wrote!


Most spiders are nocturnal which means that they are awake during the night! Hmmm.. I heard a long i sound in two of those words.. Can you tell your mom or dad which two words they were? Spiders and night! Write out those words!


Click the links to practice what you’ve learned- make sure to show your mom or dad when you’re finished!


Spiders use their spinneret to make their webs! Let’s pretend our pencils are spinnerets and draw webs! Learn how to draw one below!

Start by drawing a small dot on the upper right hand side of your paper.

Then, draw an even number of straight lines (6, 8 or 10), from the dot to the edge of the paper.

Now it is time to become a spider! Draw connecting lines, on angles or curves, to join the straight lines together – just like a web!

Pick a colour for your web! Don’t let the same colour touch itself! Look- we’ve made a pattern in our web!

Voila! You have your very own spider web!


It’s time to get those feet moving with Coach Kieran!

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