Junior Sprouts – April 22nd

Hello Junior Sprout Friends! Today is a special day. Do you know what it is? It’s Earth Day! Earth is the name of the planet we live on, and Earth Day is a special day for us to think about ways we can take good care of our planet to keep it healthy!


Here’s a story about Earth Day. Enjoy!

The family in this story decided to try and help polar bears by making some changes around their house. There are things that you are probably already doing at your house that help the Earth. Things like recycling, composting and not littering! Way to go, you’re already taking good care of the Earth.


Below is a recycling game for you to play. Look closely at each picture and decide which bin it belongs in. You might need someone to help you read the labels on each bin.

borrowed from our friends at NaturalBeachLiving.com


There are some Earth Day words below. Copy them onto a piece of paper. Can you draw a picture to go with each one? Make sure to send me a photo of your work.

borrowed from our friends at NaturalBeachLiving.com


Helping animals is a great way to help the Earth, too. You could try making a bird feeder for the birds that live near your house. Here’s some instructions:


Below are some pictures of animals that we share our Earth with. Have an adult read the questions in each row, and see of you can choose the correct animal.

borrowed from our friends at Stay at Home Educator LLC

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