Nature school – April 3rd


What in the world is a sit spot? Do you know? Can you guess?
A Sit Spot is a special place you go to sit! It is your special place to sit, take deep breaths, relax, and listen. You get to choose it because it is yours.

There is really one rule, no TV, no iPad, no technology.
Except, can I break that rule just once to show you this video of MY Sit Spot? I promise it is just to show you what a Sit Spot is. I miss showing you in the forest, but my Sit Spot by my house is pretty cool. Ready? Let’s go to my Sit Spot!


To see Miss Melanie’s Sit Spot, please click the link below.

What do you think?
Now it is your turn!

Remember, what do you see with your eagle eyes?

What do you hear with your deer ears?

What do you smell with your dog nose?

What do you touch with your raccoon hands?

What do you taste like a honeybee?

What do you feel inside your body?


I would love to see your Sit Spot! Maybe your family can take a picture of you in your Sit Spot so we can see it.
Please draw a picture of what you saw today from your Sit Spot. You can do a sketch in black and white, or full of colours. You choose! I’m so excited to see!


A Sit Spot is a great place to relax when you need some time to yourself away from people or tasks. It can help you feel better when you are upset, or when you need time to think. It is a place to go over and over and over again!

Look! Even Mrs. Mariko’s cat Tofino has a Sit Spot!

Your task this weekend is to enjoy your Sit Spot! Maybe you can teach your family abou Sit Spots and make this a part of your family life. With everyone at home right now, we all could use a spot to rest and have some alone time 🙂

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