Little Sprouts April 6th


Trees are amazing! They give us shelter, turn polluted air into clean air, are homes for animals and birds and protect us from the rain and wind.


What is your favourite thing about trees?

Mine is that they give us shade, and I love to hear the birds in the trees.

How do you know it’s Spring by Lisa Herrington


Can you see a tree outside? Draw a picture using lines and shapes.

What colours do you need? What kind of tree is your favourite?

Can you see the difference between these two trees? One is an evergreen tree, they keep their pine needles all year round.  The other is called a deciduous tree, they lose their leaves for part of the year.

Our letter of the week is “y”  and the sound is y, as in you.

All of these words start with the letter y- year, yo-yo, yard, yellow, young, yak, yogurt, yummy. Parents or siblings can help write these words, and the children can circle them, saying the sound at the beginning.

This is a video song about the letter ‘y’


Next time you are outside, put a blanket under your favourite tree, look up and enjoy. Who do you think lives there? Isn’t it amazing that trees help make the air that we breathe? Take a picture of your favourite tree.

Here is a bird I found in a tree near me.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Blogs:pictures:Erins bird tree.jpg


A video of Ms. Erin making a snow angle.  I know, not much about Spring, but Taya asked.

Extra fun science-


Peep and the Big Wide World video- Peep thinks it’s snowing, but is it?

Peep- Flower Shower- Cherry Blossoms

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