Junior Sprouts – April 6th

Hello Junior Sprouts! Welcome back to ‘school’…I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today is all about our letter of the week, ‘y’.


Here’s a fun song all about the letter ‘y’, have a look:


Think of some words that begin with a ‘y’ sound.

Here are some that I found:

Say out loud what you see in each picture. Can you hear the ‘y’ sound at the beginning?

Now let’s practice printing a ‘y’. Watch this video that shows you how.

Now it’s your turn. Grab some paper and a pencil, and print 6 ‘y’s. Circle your best one!


Grab another piece of paper, print a large ‘y’ in the middle. What can you turn your ‘y’ into? Here are some of my ideas:

Can you spot the ‘y’ in each one? Have an adult take a photo of your picture and send it to me cderksen@sproutsacademy.ca so I can share it here for everyone to see!


Yoga begins with ‘y’, and it’s a fun way to stretch and exercise. Have a look at the video below with some fun farm animal yoga you can try at home.

Which pose is your favourite? Were there any that were tricky? Teach two animal poses to someone in your family!

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