SK April 6th Adventure

Good morning friends- I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This week we are going to be learning about different spring animals! We have a new printable package for your parents to print out and you get to complete the pages. Let’s get started!


Our spring animal of the day is kid. Can you guess what a kid is? If you guessed that’s what you are, you’re right! But a kid is also the name for a baby goat!

Check out this video to hear the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff


For this activity you will need lego (or something to build with), scissors, brown paper, white paper, and tape. 

To set up the activity you will cut out the white paper into four squares and draw one small goat, one medium goat, and one large goat. (One goat per square). You will then build 3 different block towers (small, medium, and large) and tape each goat onto the tower that matches its size. You or your kiddo can do this.

Next you will build bridges using the blocks and paper. (Build two pillars using the blocks and then set the paper on top for each of the goats to walk across).

Try to get all of your goats to balance on the bridge (one at a time). How can you make this happen?


Send a picture to Ms. Julia to show her what you made! 


You are going to create a habitat for your baby goat. Where will it sleep? What will it eat? Here is a photo of a habitat to inspire you! Send me a picture of yours!  ** A habitat is the natural home of an animal.

Picture from our friends over at

Complete the Three Billy Goats Gruff printable package and send pictures of your completed pages to Ms. Julia!

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