Little Sprouts- Tuesday April 7th


The colors of Spring are so beautiful! Even Bentley loves the flowers.

Enjoy this book and song about Spring- Over in the Meadow by Jill McDonald and sung by Susan Reed.

Over in the meadow- book/song- say the numbers


Math activity- Can you build a flower or a garden with lego? If you don’t have lego, try blocks or paper. How many lego blocks did you use? Write the number beside your creation. Can you make something with 12 blocks?

Have a paper and pencil ready to see this video.  Draw the shape and say the name of the shape when you see it.You can colour in the shapes after the video.


Send us a picture of your flower or garden that you made, or your shapes. Send a picture of you playing Freeze dance math with your family.

Axel’s word garden

These are my shapes.

Ms. Lisa would like you to learn this new Spring song for circle times.


Play Freeze Dance Math-

Use your number cards and hide them in the area that you are dancing.  Get a parent or sibling to put on some fun music to dance to.  When the music stops, freeze in a fun way.  What kind of shape can you put your body in? Now jump, clap or  stomp the number of times on the card that you found.  Then continue dancing. Have fun!

My Boys Samuel and Sebastian made a handwashing video for our Sprouts kids.

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