Junior Sprouts – April 7th

Hello Junior Sprouts. Today we’re going to talk about a special place where flowers and vegetables grow. Can you guess what it is? A garden!


Here’s a video of our very own Mrs.Melanie singing you a song about the garden she planted with her kids! Have a look:


Do you have a garden at your house? What’s growing there? The park across the street from my house has beautiful gardens. Some of the flowers have bloomed, and some are still in their buds. Here are some pictures:

How many flowers can you count in each one? Can you print the numbers? Which one has the most blossoms?


I made a number garden. I added 1 sun, 4 butterflies, 4 carrots, 5 pink flowers, and 3 yellow flowers.

Can you make a number garden, too? Follow the directions below to add the right number of each item (yours will look different than mine). Remember to add the numbers next to each item. Have an adult take a photo and email it to me cderksen@sproutsacademy.ca, so I can share it here for your friends and teachers to see!


Have a look at the picture below. There is a pattern in each row (remember a pattern is something that repeats). Can you predict what comes next in each pattern?

Borrowed from our friends at Stay At Home Educator

Here’s a video of a pumpkin growing in a garden from the time it was planted as a seed.

Watch closely and see if you notice a garden critter coming to snack on the leaves?

Go for a walk in a garden near you (with an adult), and see if you can spot a garden critter having a snack. Look between plants and under leaves.


Our favourite Happy Feet Coach, Coach Keiran has created some fun videos so you can keep practicing your soccer skills! Have a look:

Thanks Coach Keiran!

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