Nature school – April 7th


Hi everyone! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! I saw a few hummingbirds on the patio this morning. They came to the hummingbird feeder for their breakfast. I always keep sugar water in the feeder for them. They need a lot of fuel to fly around. Do you know how Hummingbirds drink? They use their tongues to suck out the nectar from feeders and flowers!!


Do you have any ideas as to what other birds eat?

Here are some hints for you!!

Some birds eat bugs, some birds eat fish, some birds eat fruits or seeds. They eat all different kinds of food. But how would you know which birds eat what? Do you want to know the secret of how you can tell what they eat? Let’s find out!!

Do you see birds from the window or in the backyard, garden or outside when you go for a walk with your family? Do you recognize their beaks and guess what food they eat? You can ask adults to take a picture of the bird, so you can see their beaks up close.


Do you want to observe more how some birds eat their food? You can make a bird feeder at home. I will show you how to make an easy handmade bird feeder. Let’s make it! Hang it! And see if you can observe some birds on your birdfeeder!!

Can you draw a picture if you see some birds around your birdfeeder or you can pick one bird who eats seeds and draw.

Can you eat your snack like a bird? What tools would you use to eat your snack? (Do you remember what tools work like bird’s beaks? You can watch the video again if you forget!)


I’m so excited to hang my bird feeder! I hope some birds will come to say “Hi!”. Tell me which bird you chose for your drawing. Do you know the name of the bird? What colour is it? Can you find one fun fact about the bird you chose?

Also tell me what food would you like to eat if you were a bird!! Mrs. Mariko would love to eat fish!!!

I’m looking forward to hear about your bird and see the pictures!!

Mrs. Mariko found a good spot for her birdfeeder!! Where is yours? 😉

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