SK April 7th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday! Today we are going to pretend to visit a farm! What kinds of animals do you think you’ll see? Let’s watch the video to find out!

There are so many animals on a farm!


Farms have so many animals! How many animals did you see? Yesterday we talked about goats, and how their babies are called kids! Today we are learning about horses and ponies! Did you know that ponies are not baby horses? They’re just smaller! Both horses and ponies have babies called foals.

Let’s try and walk like a horse first! Do they stand on two legs or four? Try it out! Now let’s walk like a pony! Was it the same or different? It’s the same! Do horses and ponies have hands? No! They carry things on their backs. Walk around your house, grab one object, go into table top position and place the object on your back. Try to walk like a pony and get all the way across the room with the object still on your back. Could you do it?

Table top position


Follow these steps to learn how to draw a horse! A pony is a smaller version of a horse, try drawing a pony now!


Horses and ponies have four legs while humans only have two! Can you think of other animals that have four legs? How about animals that have two? Pick one animal that has four legs and write a riddle to Ms.Julia so she can try and guess what your animal is. Now pick a two legged animal, write a riddle, and send it to Ms.Andrea!

Print off and complete the picture below! What is the highest number on the picture? Can you count higher? Show your mom or dad!


Coach Kieran, over at Happy Feet, has sent over some activities for you to do at home! You can follow along, practice your skills, and get moving! Click the link to check it out!

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