SK April 3rd Adventure

Happy Friday friends! Thank you for sharing your photos this week- we love seeing what you create! Our spring word of the day is rainbow. How could you describe a rainbow to a friend who has never seen one before? Write 3 words you would use. Now let’s get started on our activities!


Check out this video to learn how to make your very own rainbow in your home!


Take a look outside of your window- do you see a rainbow? When do rainbows normally appear? Let’s make our own rainbow inside the house! There are a few ways to do this.. The first way is that you can grab a clear glass, fill it with water, and put the cup on a sheet of paper. Your glass and paper will need to be by a sunny window, if there is no sun today.. that’s okay! You can also do this experiment by shining a flashlight on one side of your glass!

The next way that you can do this is to grab a few different clear cups or jars and put a couple of drops of food colouring in each glass. (The red would go in one, yellow would go in another and so on). Put these jars or cups on a window sill and let the sun do the rest of the work! Do you remember the colourful jars at Sprouts? They made a rainbow on our carpet!


Draw me your biggest and brightest rainbow, and include your whole family in the picture. Here’s what I made- send me a picture of what you made! 

Mr.Jacob, Ms.Julia, Lily, Casper.


Walk around your house and collect one item that is red, one that it orange, one that is yellow, one that is green, one that is blue, one that is indigo, and one that is violet. (Don’t worry if you cannot find an item that matches the colour you need- you can always draw it!) What are we making!? You guessed it! We are making another rainbow out of our household items. I made mine out of tissue paper! How did you make yours?

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