Nature School – Friday April 17th

Hello friends, I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Getting outside can be a walk in the forest, a walk up the street, playing in the backyard or even simply sitting on a balcony breathing fresh air. Sometimes I even love just sitting by an open window and reading a book.


Today we are going to talk about plants. Plants are amazing things that you can find all over the world. Do you know why I love plants? I love plants because they help keep the air clean and they provide food for people and animals. Some of my favourite foods grown on plants like snap peas and mango. I wonder what kinds of plants we would see in the forest near Sprouts? Today we went for a walk to look for plants, let’s see if we found any!


What plants could you see in the video? I could see grass, trees and flowers. Now, remember, you need to go exploring and search and find five different plants around your home. Did you find five? I searched around my house and these are the five plants I found:


While we were at the park, I noticed that there were lots of plants but I also noticed lots of plant parts like sticks, flowers and pine cones. I brought a few small plant parts home with me to make some artwork. These are things that grew on the plants at the park but fell off and onto the ground. I did not bring any entire plants home because then the plant might never grow back. Even Baby Charlie found plant parts! Here is a photo of the plant parts that we collected and photos of our artwork.

Now it’s your turn to go outside and collect pieces of plants from your backyard or a park nearby. Take an adult with you to help make sure that what you choose is safe because remember not all plants are safe to touch. I’d would love to see your plant artwork so please feel free to email photos of what you have made.


What do you think the life cycle of a plant looks like? Here are 4 pictures of a plant growing from a seed, can you put them in order from #1 to #4?

Can you put these in the following order: seed, germination, seedling, green bean plant

Let’s learn about the life cycle of a plant through a story I’d like to share with you.

Bonus – last weeks eggs have hatched!

Last weeks eggs have hatched and for anyone waiting anxiously to discover what critters they were, here’s a photo of a lobster, mosquito and a salmon beside the egg they hatched from. Did anybody guess right? I was so excited to see what they were. Did you know that all these animals hatched from eggs? Can you think of anything else that hatches from an egg?

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