Little Sprouts Monday April 20th


Violin, volcano, vegetables, violets, vacuum, vase…these are all words that start with the letter ‘v’. Say each word that matches the picture. Can you hear the ‘v’ sound?


Print out the letter ‘v’ below and the pictures of fruit and vegetables. Cut out each picture and then decide if it is a fruit or a vegetable. You could also find pictures of vegetables in a magazine or grocery flyers or draw your own vegetables onto the ‘v’.


Here is my letter ‘v’. You can also print out another letter ‘v’, colour it and turn it into a vase…


Play freeze dance! When the music stops, make a ‘V’ with your arms and freeze until the music starts again.

Here is a free printable book of V poems to the tunes of nursery rhymes from The Measured Mom.

Listen – Have an adult help you listen to violin music


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