SK April 20th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! Did you all have a great weekend? I did, too! Last week we started on our bug hunt and we learned about bees and butterflies. Although our butterflies weren’t butterflies just yet.. They were caterpillars! After going through metamorphosis they turned into butterflies! Let’s check them out!


Watch the video to review the life cycle of a butterfly!


Our spring word of the day is chrysalis. That’s a tricky word- spell it out! The “y” is making an “i” sound and the “h” is silent! c h r y s a l i s. It’s the hard protective layer on the outside of a pupa! Kind of like a helmet for it’s whole body! We learned about the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly on Friday. Take a peak at what a chrysalis looks like!

Now that we’ve learned what a chrysalis is.. try to think about other insects or animals that have their own protective layer! Write down three different insects or animals.


For this handprint butterfly craft you will need: a black marker, scissors, 3 different colours of paper (you can use white and colour designs on it instead), and glue!

Start by tracing your child’s hand onto 2 different colors of paper. Repeat again to end up with 4 handprints.

  • Use your scissors to cut out a stretched out oval shape for the butterfly’s body. Make sure it’s long enough to extend to the bottom of the child’s handprints. 
  • Cut out two small ovals for the butterfly’s antennae. 
  • Position one colored handprint with the thumb facing up, the fingers to the side and rotated out slightly. Take the other colored handprint and position the hand the same way, except this time rotate the hand down.
  • Glue the hands together where they overlap. Repeat with the opposite side. These are the butterfly’s wings.
  • Take both sets of handprint wings with the bottoms of the hands facing in, slightly overlap them and glue them together. 
  • Assemble the butterfly body by gluing the antennae to the back of the circle head. Glue the completed head to the top of the green body.
  • Place the completed body in the middle of the handprint wings and glue into place.
  • Feel free to use markers to make the face of the butterfly! 


Print off and complete the “If I could Fly Like a Butterfly” writing prompt activity!

Now let’s talk about symmetry! Have you ever noticed that butterflies have designs on their wings? If you were to fold a butterflies wings in half they would have the exact same design on each wing! Cool! Print off the Butterfly Symmetry worksheet and complete each butterfly so that their wings are the same!

Our “Insects and Spiders” poem is linked below! Parents, please read the poem with your child and review the skills they have learned this past week. You also get a sneak peak at the skills for this week!


Guess what time it is! Soccer time! Join Coach Kieran to work on those soccer skills. (Video #3 Soccer Circuit).

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