SK April 24th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Friday! Thanks for joining us on our bug hunt- I had so much fun with you! We have learned so many new things this week! Let’s talk about what we have learned. 

We talked about so many different insects!


On our bug hunt we were able to find ants, bees, butterflies, caterpillars and spiders! Can you think of a place where you could find all of these different insects? (A garden, forest, park, beach etc). Do you remember what that is called? A habitat.

Choose one habitat for all of the insects we found on our bug hunt and draw it! Ms. Julia included the picture that she drew!


Write a sentence about your picture with one of our vocabulary words from this week. Click the link below to see what words we have learned. Make sure to show your mom or dad when you are finished!


We have learned new sight words this week! Click the link below to review what we have learned!

We also practiced how to skip counts by 2’s! **You will need scissors and glue for this activity.


It’s soccer time! Get up and get moving with Coach Kieran! (Video #3 Ball Mastery).

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