SK April 2nd Adventure

Hi friends! Today is Thursday which means we are 2 sleeps away from the weekend! Our spring word of the day is seed. What is a seed? Write down your answer, draw it, and send it over to Ms.Julia! There are all different kinds of seeds! If you see a seed make sure to ask your parent if it is an edible seed (one that you can eat) or if it is inedible (you cannot eat it). Would you like to learn more? Keep scrolling!


Click the video to learn more about how a seed becomes a plant!


Ask a parent to help you find fruits and/or vegetables in your fridge that have seeds in them. Choose one fruit or vegetable and ask your parent to cut into it for you. What do you see? Seeds are normally found in the middle of a fruit or vegetable! Take these seeds and place them on a piece of paper. Draw the fruit or vegetable that the seeds belongs to but colour it a different colour. (Example: My seeds are from an apple and I coloured my picture bright purple. Are apples normally bright purple?) You are going to come up with a new name, taste and origin of your fruit or vegetable and write it at the top of your page. My fruit is called a Papple, it is bright purple, it tastes like cotton candy and you can only find it in the Spring in Vancouver. Check out what Ms. Julia did below! **An origin is the place where something begins.

Ms. Julia’s apple had 9 seeds in it! How many seeds did your fruit or vegetable have? Was it more or less than Ms.Julia’s apple?


Take a picture and send your new fruit or vegetable over to Ms.Julia!


Today we are going to do some math around the house! Grab your pencil and paper and let’s go! First you are going to head to your room and open your sock drawer. Now you are going to write down how many pairs of socks you think you have (this is called an estimate). Next, you are going to actually count each pair of sock that you have. A pair is 2 socks that are usually the same. Write down the number of pairs of socks that you have. Next you are going to put coloured socks in one pile and put black/white/grey socks in another pile. (If they are white/black/grey socks with colour you can choose which pile you would like them to go into). Which pile has more and which pile has less? Write down your answers! 

There is a game included in the Spring Planting Printable Package on page 7. Cut out each square, line the pictures up in the correct order, and you’ve got the life cycle of a flower!

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