Junior Sprouts – April 2nd

One of the ways we can tell that Spring is here is by looking at how the trees are changing. In the Winter, some trees have no leaves (these are called deciduous trees). In Spring, deciduous tress grow buds on their branches which will become blossoms or new leaves.


This picture shows the same tree in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Look carefully at each picture. What differences can you see? Has the tree transformed in some way? Describe what you see to someone in your family.


Watch this amazing video of a Beech tree’s buds opening into leaves.

Imagine you are a bud, all wrapped up tight on a tree branch. As the Spring sun begins to warm you up, you start to unroll, and bloom into a leaf. Stretch way out and soak up lots of sun. What happens if the wind blows, how will you move? What about in a rainstorm? What if it gets really cold and you freeze? Practice these different ways of moving.


I drew this picture of a tree in Spring that is growing buds and blossoms.

Can you draw one like mine? Make sure you label the parts of your drawing. Ask an adult to take a picture of your drawing to share with us!


I went outside and found some twigs on the ground and brought them home. They didn’t have any leaves or blossoms on them. They reminded me of a tree in Winter. I added some ribbon, buttons and paper leaves to transform them into a Spring tree.

Go for a walk outside with an adult. Can you find a twig to make into a tree? What items can you add to your tree to look like leaves and blossoms? Ask a grown up to take a picture of your tree to share with us!

Mrs. Lisa would like you to make a tricky hat word garden. She will get you to add the little words to your flowers on Monday. Draw 5 circles on a piece of paper big enough to fit a little word in it. Turn them into flowers.

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