Little Sprouts- Thursday April 2nd


Ducks are so fascinating!

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Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

This is a video of Ducklings hatching from their eggs!

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            Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

Ducks lay eggs, the eggs hatch and are ducklings then they grow into adult ducks. That is their life cycle.


One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root

Where do ducks like to go? In the water. Water starts with our letter of the week, w. Go for a walk around your house and count all the windows you see. Write the number and draw a picture of a window.

What other words start with w?  what whale, window, which, walk, watch, water…

Science activity- Check out this video about the water cycle and then do the water vapour experiment. All you need is a mirror and your mouth.

The Science of Spring- video (Parents, you have a little time, it’s a 15min video)


Please send us a picture of your duck craft or a picture of yourself doing the science experiment.


Count the pairs of socks you have in your room. Write the number on paper. Now make a game out of throwing your socks into a big bowl or box.  How many pairs of socks did you get in? Can you write the number on the paper too? Is the number bigger or smaller than your first number?

Create – If you would like to make play dough, here is a recipe.

Play dough recipe without Cream of Tartar

Here is an idea to make a duck craft.

Ms. Lisa would like you to make a letter flower garden. Draw 5 circles with enough room to write a letter inside. Turn the circle into a flower, add a stem, some leaves, grass or dirt.

Have Fun! And we miss you.

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