SK May 14th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Thursday! Today is our math day and we’re going to be practicing our measuring skills!



Think about a time when you or your parent had to measure something. Were you baking? Were you building? Were you making something? We measure all kinds of things!

Grab your markers or crayons and walk around your house. Find 5 items to measure using your crayons or markers (for example, my table is 9 markers high!) Make a list of your items from biggest to smallest.


Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and trace the outside of your foot. How long is your foot? Write your answer down! If you can, grab a parent and trace their foot next! Is your foot bigger or smaller? Write your answers down!


Click the links below to practice your measuring skills!


Join Coach Alyssa as we read Bob a story and take him on a Dragon Loves Tacos adventure. (Video #4).

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