SK May 13th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Wednesday! Today we are going to be learning about our au and aw vowel teams! Let’s get started!



The girl sat in the forest at dawn. She listened to the hawk screech as it sat in the tree. Near the river she saw a fawn pause to take a sip of water. This caused the girl to smile.

Can you pick out the au/ aw vowel teams? Write them down! Make a new sentence with one of the au and aw vowel team words!


Print and cut out the cards for this fun and easy au/aw card game!

To play, take turns drawing a a card. If you say the word correctly you may keep the card. If not it goes back in the container. If you draw a BAM! card you put all your cards back except the BAM! card. First person to get 8 cards wins!


Click the link below to complete the au/aw worksheet!


Join Coach Kieran for a HappyFeet Plus class as we continue to develop our ball mastery with a focus on the Chop. (Video #3).

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